Reinforcing safety measures has always been pivotal at Jubilee English High School [CBSE]. Below mentioned are the various safety measures that are meticulously followed at JEHS to ensure student safety.

  • Short/Lunch break for the students is always in the company of female teachers.
  • The whole campus is continuously and rigorously checked from time to time to ensure that no child is left alone anywhere inside the campus.
  • Wash rooms at JEHS are separately allotted for boys and girls and a strict vigil is maintained by the support staff. Drivers and attendants have separate washrooms well away from that of students.
  • Daily attendance registers are maintained for each bus route to ensure that no child is left in the school campus or misses the school bus. Students of pre-primary and lower primary are not left alone at the drop points if a parent or authorized person is not present at the designated spot.
  • GPS is available in all the school buses which is monitored by the transport department at all times.
  • Cameras have been strategically placed in the school campus. There is a dedicated team headed by Principal to keep a vigil on these cameras and to report any suspected person or unsolicited activity to the management.
  • Support staff, drivers and security are periodically trained, groomed and counselled on their conduct and crisis management.
  • Male staff at JEHS are addressed and guided separately to ensure that query handling with students, especially girl children is not done in isolation. They are strictly instructed to do the needful in common areas like school corridors, lounge, waiting area or reception.
  • All employees are hired after strict background verification by our specialized HR team and with good reference letters that supports their entry. This ensures better monitoring and control over the school staff making them answerable and responsible for any school activities or initiatives.
  • Children under any circumstances are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours. If required, they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian as the case may be.
  • Parents are not encouraged to meet their wards during school hours. In case of emergency, parents are requested to report to the co-ordinator about the situation so that it could be addressed.
  • Students especially girl children are being constantly counselled on various aspects of adolescence and sex education. They are being encouraged to have open conversation with their parents and are being sensitized and made vigilant to the environment around. Awareness programmes are designed and conducted by teachers every month and students are encouraged to voice out their opinions.
  • Parents and visitors are requested to register their name and purpose of visit at the school security desk before entering the premises. They are advised to switch off their mobile phones once they enter the campus.